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Lightbulb Marketing

Lightbulb Marketing

Contact Name: Samantha Denham

Phone Number: 416.418.5106

Lightbulb Marketing is led by industry-veteran Samantha Denham an accomplished copywriter and marketing strategist. With over two decades of marketing communications expertise in the financial services, she brings a keenly analytical and strategic view to all that she does. She began her career in Hong Kong, with clients such as Credit Suisse Private Banking, where she learnt about the unique needs of Chinese investors and marketing strategies for the Asian market. She then brought this knowledge to Toronto, Canada, where she continued to broaden her expertise in a range of marketing disciplines while gaining in-depth understanding of the unique marketing and communication needs of large organizations and boutique, mid-size companies.

"Results are what matter," says Samantha. "Creating award-winning marketing material is all very well but if it doesn't bring the sales results that our clients need, it's irrelevant. Here at Lightbulb, we start with strategy first - ensuring everything we do is infused with a holistic viewpoint that encompasses our clients overall vision and business objectives."

As a copywriter familiar with the intricacies of writing for an industry that has numerous compliance restrictions, she is well versed in developing copy that communicates key messages clearly and accurately within strict boundaries. She writes a range of material from RFPs, presentations and white papers to brochures, websites, press releases and more.

She also helps mid-size businesses with their marketing planning, ensuring that tactics are aligned to business objectives and establishes protocols to measure results.

She leads a team of industry professionals in developing high-quality marketing collateral and results-oriented strategic plans.

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